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Strawberry's Meme

This photo has nothing to do with the post, I just really don't like all text entries.  A new surreal and slightly disturbing area in SAND at LEA7. And now on with the show.

TV is boring tonight so I am going to try and join in  Berry's latest Meme (that's me me I think for those of us not constantly connected to the masses through telecommunications and in the know) *wink*. Then again I may be completely wrong. After all, I often wear a facelight (yes it is special and dimmish but still :D).

This was hard for me really. Mostly I am very happy in SL, but I am going to try and fill the list with five things.

1. At the top of my list are the bloggers that don't resize their photos (I am guessing in Wordpress as this isn't an issue in Blogger at all) for the feeds. Hence 3000 pixel plus -- I kid you not -- photos clogging the screen. I want to squeeze their little fingertips and make them pay attention to what they are doing!

2. Poseballs on furniture. Really? It is 2013 not 2008. There were sit scripts when I popped out of the pod. Move into the current century please.

3. Bloggers who grab the goodies and never post.  Enough said.

4. New folks that continue to ask you how old you are when you have answered, "five" :D.

5. Teleport points that make you walk half way across the sim (flying is turned off of course) to get to the store.


Peep Sideshow said…
Yes, yes, YES to number 5!
I have to agree with you on all these points. #1 is pretty much why I stopped reading the feeds. The size of some of the pictures were killing my speed scrolling. And let's not even get started on #2! Thanks for participating. <3
Softpaw Sommer said…
1 and 5 SO MUCH!

I actually pondered making 1 on of my peeves.

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