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I am going to be honest here. It isn't that often that I do an "OMG!" on hunts these days. True, there are a few stand out ones, but my tastes are fairly sophisticated after five plus years *wink*.

Somehow this evening I ended up (unplanned) at the Unknown Hunt blog page. Now I loved the idea of a hunt featuring new shops, for sure. Unashamed I looked through the prize photos. We can only do what we can do -- and I saw a fantastic looking prize. I zipped over to get it and found a very cute shop to boot. Happy gal does little dance.

The prize is this stereo which is so gorgeous I am going to have to update some parts of the set that I put it in *wink*. Worse things could happen. Click to open the top, to make the record arm move and to choose your channel (land rights needed of course). It all works beautifully and honestly it is SO pretty, I wouldn't have cared. I actually have music disabled at MOSP so not to interfere with filming but I am sure I have friends who will LOVE this for its musical abilities !!!!

So a big hand of applause to Terra Claremont of ! Terra's Closet ! for such a stupendous gift!!!


Unknown said…
Thanks for such an awesome review! It's always nice to hear people appreciate what you do. I don't build and sell for the money, I just want to share my creations with you all. So, there's a bit of love in everything here! Thanks again, and I hope you find tons more happy surprises.
Anonymous said…
I had to get this as soon as I saw it! Hubby and I were strolling down 70's memory lane last night, dancing and listening to the records play.

Thank you Terra for such a generous hunt gift and thank you too, Chic, for blogging it.

Dojiba Sabra

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