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Musings - Land Impact

I already have a post ready for tomorrow and in the scheduled bin, but I have been spending some time cruising the Marketplace and that got me to thinking.

I know that most of the folks that read my blog are fashionistas, bloggers or designers. We are not just out of the pod. Our tastes are for things that make us go, "oooooooh" and rightly so. There are plenty of those things to be found. Happily.

I haven't opened any of the freebies I found on the Marketplace; hopefully some will be things I believe you will want to see. What I did discover is that my personal criteria  of "what's good" has definitely changed over the last year.

I went to a Marketplace shop of a designer I absolutely admire, a very well-know one. I looked at the goods to be found, in this case homes that I might add to MOSP. When I checked the prim count I literally gasped. 300 prims for a tiny house? Beautiful house, but 300 prims?

The rules have definitely changed -- in my mind anyway. When you can get a whole desk, chair and accessories set for ONE land impact the idea of a 300 prim TINY house is pretty much obscene.  I know I have said this before, but tonight really brought it home. Time to move into the low land impact realm folks. Within the next year the high prim stuff will not be on shopping lists. I know that when I start running out of prims, the first thing I will do is replace primmy items with equivalent smart mesh ones.

I have about 3000 prims left to use; I plan to spend them wisely. I suspect that I am not alone. Don't get left behind.


Tammie Hammand. I have been thinking this very thing. I found really great low impact furniture at LAQ. But then, I realized although it is great.... the land I rent has a box that counts my "prims" and it is counting prims not "land impact". I think land owners need a new system that counts by land impact instead of the old way of doing it by prims, otherwise my savings is in vain. Maybe soon someone will develop a rental system like that until then, I have held off on my low land impact crazy buying sprees, although I would still buy it to save on resources used by sl and our computers and I still think mesh allows a much greater quality of item as opposed to sculpty prims, so I am not against it, I am very much in agreement with you, I just won't be able to reap the benefit of what it is doing until a rental system measures LI instead of prims.

Also, with changes coming to the sl viewer residents using shoes with invisiprims should be warned that the new viewer coming out in the near future is not equipped to allow use of invisiprims so its a good excuse for everyone to buy new mesh shoes as well. This was learned by attending office hours with LL and a meeting with the Firestorm staff where they discussed the coming changes.

Good blog topic!

Chic Aeon said…
Ah, I had no idea about that. Haven't rented in a couple of years. Typically the LI and the prim number is a very close thing -- at least on furniture. I am going to check with the Mesh Forum as those guys are really on top of things.
Chic Aeon said…
So the folks on the Mesh Forum agreed with my thinking that while your rental box may still SAY prims, it is actually counting land impact. You could test this pretty easily by plopping down a couple of mesh items and see if anything odd happens. The one experience with rental boxes after mesh that I have had was that it worked just fine.

So maybe there really is no need for you to wait. Find a primmy thing in your house and replace it with a 1 LI item and see if that works.
Thanks Chic Aeon! I just tested it and it is counting the LI so I can go back to low impact mesh shopping again! Yay!

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