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Where the Boys Are

Hard to believe but this is actually ME :D.

I've been filming today and happily with a great outfit from Ducknipple that worked in perfectly with my storyline -- such as it is at this point.

The buttoned jacket is beautifully textured with of course the soon to be famous color change hud. Even though there were lots of available colors, I went for neutral for the shoot. This comes with jeans from 20.FIVE (another Ducknipple brand).

The shirt is tint to any color with the color picker. This is a very impressive texturing job.

Also in the news are some combat boots for both guys and gals from DUH!

These are very nice and of course always a great price. I was over at DUH! the other day shopping with a girlfriend. A wonderful place if you are on a budget.

High tops are hidden under the pants cuffs. Either style of wearing works well.

Part of my afternoon was spent getting some friends together for a bit of filming using this free Scrambled Legs game from Del May at the Pose Fair. Fond memories.

Lots of fun and honestly not that difficult to get everyone working well. A great job with the poses.

Poses by: Del May Scrambled Legs prop and Juxtapose - both at Pose Fair 2013


Renee Harvy said…
Looking good gorgeous! thank you so much :)

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