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Blooming Into the Season

I did the Blooming Into the Season hunt last eve. A short hunt with small stores for the most part, it was easy to do. Hints are on the blog and there were no MIA stores. So aside from a couple of shops towards the end where they gave you a copy instead of contents, all went extremely well.

I enjoyed the hunting as the stores were fun to browse while searching for the hunt object, a  flat cylinder with the hunt logo on it. And I can honestly say that most all of the gifts are worth keeping -- depending on your style of course. This isn't a great hunt for the guys really, most things are aimed at the gals.   I suggest you do the whole hunt as there are plenty of very nice items that didn't make it into my photo.

Everything but my skin, hair and sweater (PARADISIS) came from the hunt. I will also mention -- since it is a store I regularly blog for -- that the deck chairs and table set comes from CIRCA -- the only sim size store in the hunt I believe. Read the hint and you can find the hunt object easily. This is a no copy set so you might want to get a backup for safekeeping.

Pose by: nani from a hunt prize pack


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