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Happily I have nothing much on my mind this weekend (OK Thursday FOR this weekend). So I was going to skip my Op Ed piece, but since my traffic is usually up on Sundays I have to assume that:

A. There are some folks that only log in as they are getting ready to get back to their RL work week

B. There is nothing on TV and both Hulu and Netflix are having "Flash" issues

C. Someone actually cares what I write about

I am going with numba 2 *wink*.

As the typist awoke in the middle of the night -- on purpose to check and see if the water was still running in the pipes; record setting lows -- a dream thought lingered. The character in my personal fantasy serial had just made a statement, "Love should only be for the experienced; when you are young, you only scratch the surface. "

Now I don't have a habit of philosophizing in my sleeping hours. I spend more time in adventurous mode, flitting around from here to there. So I wondered why that phrase was sticking in my brain. Did I really believe that? Was I goading myself into thinking about that "L" word?  Well, it worked -- whatever my character's motives.

Let's talk Love.

The first boy I was in love with was Bobby. He would catch me and kiss me. I was eight.

Then there was junior high and high school and all that entails. Ups and downs, crushes and going steady -- well it WAS long ago; I am sure a few things have changed. Still those years continue to be about finding ourselves as well as someone with which we can share experiences.

A few folks meet a soulmate early. And yes, I am in the soulmates abound camp. Some opt for career; a few these days for parenting without partners. But as we learn and grow and discover more about ourselves, it IS likely that we have a greater ability to love.

Youth calls for action. Defining our position in our place and time, finding those to join us on the journey, and eventually -- for many folks -- pairing up. Sometimes that dual connection lasts, sometimes not. We move on to another or find that we like ourselves BY ourselves "perfectly fine, thank you! "

There are many seasons to love. Some find it early; others late. A few find it often. I am not sure I agree with the character in my personal play. While we may not have as great an understanding about love when we are young, we need that time to explore the learning to love process.

I would like to believe that as we become better aware of ourselves our capacity to love improves. And too, practice helps.

Love often, if not always wisely.


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