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POE - My Top Ten - 3

Now there isn't a whole lot out there for the guys in POE6; it is not a "unisex" hunt by any means. But there are a few stellar gifts. Here are my picks.

* B&W (#175) ORANGE Leather - Jacket & Shirt combo. This is absolutely gorgeous. The textures make your mouth water (no kidding). This globe is tiny and while out in the open kinda difficult to find. Luckily for me there was someone standing right in front of it when I arrived :D. Gotta love that serendipity. So check the hint on the blog as you will most likely need it.

Also for the guys:

* Xen Hats (#166)  Flatcap (there is also a very nice fedora and a big bow for the gals).The default color of the hat is teal: I did a little complimentary color palette magic to get it to coordinate with the jacket.

* VJ Eyewear (#158) has a nice set of glasses with extensive hud. You can also wear the glasses on your head via hud. These will work for gals too I suspect.

Now Chav's wardrobe isn't anywhere as extensive as mine and I noted (and deleted) a few VERY old items on the way to getting his styling working.

Happily as I was wondering what on earth I could put on his feet -- I found these great boots from Ducknipple.

Now I don't remember these boots so that leads me to believe I "stored them for Chav for later". And later it is.  Really nice manly boots that can crossover for hardcore gals; look for Rambo boots.

These are NOT part of the POE6 hunt.

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)


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