Dock Sitting

The Home Show opens today. I don't know the hour but waiting a day or two if you can make yourself be patient is always a good idea in my book.

You will be walking a lot of course, so these K-Code Walker shoes (no lie; that's their name) will come in very handy.  They come in tons of colors and are sized for men too. So you can walk hand in hand (assuming you have a couple's AO) in matching footwear finding new items for your abode. How romantic.

{what next} has a huge new Home Show release with some items being exclusive to the event. There are cute little beach cottages which I am SURE you will get to see on the feeds. Alas I don't really have a sandy beach. I really have tried but the terrain texture menu and I are not the best of friends. After a couple of hours I called my overgrown sandy loam to be good enough.

Along with the cute little beach houses (many colors to choose from) there is a dock set. It comes in various readymade  layouts as well as modular. You can tint most pieces to match your decor. I got a little carried away with the brighter aspects of gold this morning. I guess I am wanting the sun to come out and STAY.  

There is also a feature packed boat that can seat up to four. My open water is pretend so I won't be going anywhere, but you can sit in the boat for photos even if you don't steer it anywhere. That works just fine!

Pose by: LAP (nla)