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Meet Me in Morocco

This month's Challenge is MOROCCAN. I have traveled in Morocco and while I would not want to live there, it holds some of my most precious memories.  Here are just a few of the items you can find out from a long list of designers. See all they have to offer at the official website.

Some of my favorites of the new releases hale from Sway's; two are not shown on the Challenge website.  These poofs come in both olive (shown) and navy. The screen in the back is intricate and lovely. I put two together -- not to hide anything but to add some wall interest  *wink*. 

This is Sway's [Amal] Day-bed Nook Set. It comes in both gold and silver, dark wood or light, adult and PG. I am not sure all combos are covered in every type of set. You will just have to zip over there and look. They are ALL lovely.

The lamp is VERY cleverly made and while you cannot see it in my photo has a warm DIRECTIONAL glow through the tiny (real) holes. Impressive.

I was so in the Moroccan mood (yes I was) that I ventured over to Naked Mesh and picked up this full-perm hookah. Now it isn't textured this way, it is -- well NAKED as the name implies. With a handy little program that I have I made my own specular and normal maps and added textures to the ambient map provided. So now my previously primmy and sculpted hookah has been relegated to the archives. Time marches on. This is .5 land impact.

Some designers have discount prices for the first week or so. I don't have a list of who and how long but being speedy is probably good for you pocketbook.


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