Sand Castles

Happy Earth Day!

Just out - an appropriate soil related product, Ripley Von D's Glowing Sand Castle.

This looks a bit like one of the Photoshopped photos, but it is not. This is a BIG castle!

Ripley and I go back a bit; he wasn't Ripley then and this wasn't the platform. We helped each other back then -- learning the very impressive but SO different tech.

Meanwhile I was very pleased to see Ripley's first SL product. It is very lovely using materials and with lots of options. The pack of goodness is vast with different ready-made castles to choose from including dark or light sand and high or low sand hill.

Now I don't have a sandy beach at MOSP, but I do have an underwater grotto. It looks right at home. You can tint the sand to better coordinate with whatever sand texture you are using.    There is no demo yet on the Marketplace, but you can come see the plainest (most realistic but not so much fun) version of the new release here

My dress is a pretty little thing; feminine and breezy it hales from SLC, the Airy Summer Tunic Dress. Perfect for hot day shopping or even over your swimsuit, it comes in a variety of styles.

Hair by MINA
Poses by: aDORKable

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