Not To Be Missed

I made it over to FaMESHed yesterday morn early enough so that the crowds were manageable. There are some lovely new releases, quite a few designers I hadn't heard of and alas one copyright violation (oh well).

With so many great things to try out and try on, it may be difficult to decide. Here are my picks.

New boots from LaRoo. Love em!  Several colors to choose from, these are beautifully made. I find from watching TV that you can now wear boots with anything (who knew?) Hence, a great addition to many wardrobes.

A romantic Candle Fireplace with Tile from Trompe Loeil. The tiles glimmer in the candlelight (materials view). There is a plain version as well as ones that include a drape under the candles.

Also from Trompe Loeil, a birdcage chair with bird pillows (so cute!)

Another new release that caught my eye is an amazing garment from COCO. Loose shorts and slightly sloppy shirt with apparently a hands in pockets AO. I didn't try the demo but there was a gal standing in front of the sign who had  just purchased the outfit. She looked smashing. There is also a jacket draped over shoulders that is mightily impressive.

Our designers just keep pushing that envelope. A nice thing to see.