Lazy Day

Lazy day; feisty day (fighting with bureaucracy).

Either way, books are an escape. I love books for props and decor. You can pick these up as part of a gacha set at The Feeling. They come with touch on-off shadow (nice) and hale from Arcana Antiques & Oddities.

Along with books there are candles, a candelabra, a skull and ...

a reading nook with poses. ESCAPE! Here I come.

My outfit (sans undies) are parts of new releases from K-Code.  There are also similar jeans with bunched bottoms rather than cuffs. With many colors to choose from you can mix and match to your heart's content.

The building I am standing in is newly out from {theosophy}, the Nicholaston Skybox.  It boasts an open plan, gorgeous windows, an atrium style entry (doors don't open -- in the air, ya know) and texture change hud. A great space for entertaining (big dance area if you so choose) OR a very nice shop in the sky.  It has a 20 x 20 footprint and is 36 LI (yeah). If you were sneaky you could fit this on a 512 :D.

These radiators come with and while not available separately at the moment, they may be soon; I put in a vote for that just for you. Oh so cute they would be a great addition for your current abode should you not need a new one!

Hair once again from MINA
Poses by: Diesel Works