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Almost Free and Free Free

Di has been working on a new look for awhile. Free is always good too. So here in a guest spot we have some hunt news - and even better.

**SEXY MON AMOUR ** is the prize from Brii Underground Wear. Mesh bikini, cover up, system undies and SHOES. (Sexy and I Know It $1)

Now this has GOT to be the best deal in town at the moment; or if there is a better one, I want to know about it!

Pure Poison is giving away credit. Zip on over (frequently full so click a few times); wait for the group bot to ask you to join (yep, it is free). Find the small white sign on the pedestal that says "click to get your $199 credit" or something similar to that. And GO SHOPPING. There are tons of items at the price in the shop. There are also many many MANY group gifts at the landing point (jewelry for women for the most part) which is where Bee's necklace came from.

And guys, you can join the group and then head on over to Mens Fashion Week and get a really lovely necklace or most likely a cuff (no reports on the price of that but I am guessing) to update your wardrobe. There are also a few jewelry items for guys in the main shop.

Poses by: A City Animations and LAP (nla)


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