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The Modern Goth

So many styles within the style. Let's look at "today's Goth" *wink*.

I am quiet taken with this look and it can be yours by visiting the World Goth Fair

A very nice layered jacket with plenty of detailing can be found at the Dark Water Designs booth; Black Skull Jacket is the name. It has "shoulder pads"!  Something I haven't seen much of in our virtual land. I remember when they were "in" and perhaps they are "in" again (insert chuckle) as the typist is nowhere near as fashionable as Chic.

I love these square glasses from Eclectica. There are also full rim and half rim oval styles. Texture change let's you match any outfit -- modern or vintage.

Moving on -- but not too far -- we have this grayscale skin. Those of you who read this blog daily remember my Skin Fair Woes -- nothing fit. Well THIS does. /me does happy dance

A very nice monochrome skin, *Atomic Faery* Dark Fae Skins - Female - Ash will happily be replacing a very (VERY) old model of the same genre. There is a male version of this also as well as a creamy version. 

Please note that I added an eyeshadow layer (one that I wear ALL the time) to span the slight color between eyes and skin. With a monotone palette subtle differences can really be noticed. Very nice. There are also colored skins at the booth. 

My hair is one of the new releases from *~*Damselfly*~*Sindy. Three more releases follow in the photos below. 

My backdrop is the dark version of the new Trompe Loeil Chatham Loft Skybox. I have either told you about that recently OR will soon --- so many posts in my queue I am getting lost :D.   

This is the Psychotic Neko Willow Dress. It comes in both fitted and regular versions, both in five sizes. Notable for it hanging edges and uneven skirtline, it is definitely worth a demo tryout. 

This is *~*Damselfly*~*Pagan hair; sassy as a street gal might be.

There is much to see at the World Goth Fair and you don't need to be "pale" to enjoy. Well, it helps *wink*. Still, even though that is not my norm (ya know - jeans, dirt, overalls, boots) it is lots of fun to cross over to other genres.

Here are a few more of the items to be found.

* *~*Damselfly*~*Declan Non-Rigged Mesh
* The Dark Fae Jarlight (gacha rare)
* Tights, skirt and tank all from ~SongBird~  (sold separately)
* Amacci  skin (not part of WGF)

Goth girls apparently like color as much as the next gals!  I decided to go for purple in a mix and match outfit from lots of creators.

* Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Octotavia
* Skin: Silken Moon Pewter Witch
* Tights: ~Cannibelle~ Goth Stripe Tights - Dark Purple
*  Boots: .:Whims & Wishes:. Wrath Onyx

My mesh camisole is a new release from BAIASTICE for COLLABOR88 which just goes to show that it is something most anyone can add to their wardrobe *wink*.

Poses by: flowey, Everyglow, LAP (nla), aDORKable (MP),


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