Brights and Whites

I have been hanging out in mysterious Gothland a lot lately. And while that has been an enjoyable adventure, it is time to get a little sunshine and color into The Blog.

My dress is a lovely gift from -Pixicat- on the Nouveaux Hunt II, a small sim hunt with a pretty locale and easy to find gifts.

My poses are also from that hunt.

They come with a super cool hud, something I have not seen before.

Now when I first get poses I always click through to find out which fit, but I can see that this would be VERY handy in the field when you know there is a pose you want in that set but can't remember the number.


My lead photo show two releases for The Garden. I showed you the A.V. Adria Gazebo in a previous post, but let's be honest here -- it was hard to see - LOL. You know that darkness can get to you after awhile. So here in bright sunshine is the gazebo. It can be purchased separately as well as in a group release of the set. Look for the Atelier Visconti booth.

Now the bright colored (and coordinating - woot) decor items are from Second Spaces at the same venue. These can be purchased separately also OR as a linked object. Lots of fun!

One more item for show and tell is something that many of you have, a recent group gift from GOS.

These shoes come with "nylons" in various shades. Now I have to admit I wasn't ALL that smart and was having a time getting the shoes to match the stockings. Well you OF COURSE need to tint the feet to match your legs. Well, really that seems SO obvious after the fact. These are lovely and I so thank Berry's "group" meme for turning me on to the GOS group.

Hair by Truth (very old)