Showing Off

It has obviously been a Goth week or two. And while I am not a Goth Girl at heart, I definitely enjoyed the adventure and have some new items to add to my inventory. Actually most of the things I am keeping replace old staples (and sometimes I mean REALLY old). So a very good thing for us all.

This is a gorgeous coat from Dark Passions, the Alvira - Frock in Grey.  It arrived when my Goth folder was pretty well organized into "yes, I featured these" folders. I have to admit that after almost two weeks I was ready for some bright primary color.

But of course there IS a but. This is so beautifully made, it just had to be shown off. And it is also admittedly one of the garments I will most likely be wearing in the future.  I even put together an outfit to wear to a conference tomorrow. And yes, I did add a tank to that. We must have propiety -- well, sometimes.

So be sure and check out Dark Passions at the World Goth Fair as well as the main store. Now I have to admit I didn't really READ the blogger info at first. Yep, I know. We complain when it isn't in the box and then speed by it on our way to trying things out. Oh my!  But I did go BACK and read (points for that). This is a phenomenal price so bargain hunters will be happy too.

Of note is the excellence of weighting; almost perfectly natural -- about the best you can do with our virtual selves. It also comes in low resolution versions.

Hair by MINA

Poses by flowey