Gothic Tales

The World Goth Fair is winding down now. You still have a few more days to visit or revisit. Actually these quiet times are my favorite. Faster rezzing, emptier streets -- all lead to a more enjoyable experience in my book. I have never been a fan of lagfests, but each to their own.

As bloggers we sometimes sign up for official blogger status not knowing what to expect. Sometimes there are rules and criteria to follow and minimum blogage requirements et al. Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of feeling the need to blog without much -- well let's be honest, sometimes there just isn't anything we what to show our readers.

This event had NO rules, no requirements. It was a do your thing event. And you know -- it really worked out well. The designers sent so many things out that no one could blog everything -- well actually I suspect SOMEONE did (an over-achiever no doubt :D).

So hats off to the designers, crew and bloggers for making this an event of note.

In this photo:

:{MV}: She in Lavender Damask which comes with mesh gloves.
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gothic Gazebo, very lovely and would work in other genres such as steampunk.

Hair by GARAGE (old)

Pose by: flowey