Sunday Freeness Roundup

* Out for Mother's Day from NS, a very nice shoulder bag.
* Also for Sunday, a big pack of poses from Behavior Body. Look for "Placing". Not new as I still have some in my inventory :D. But poses happily don't go out of style!

Other wardrobe newness for Lani includes a group gift top from Kink! where you can also pick up a 250 linden credit by clicking the monthly credit board. There is also a gift for guys!

* 2PM. Bon bon glasses from Chapter Four birthday bash (see last week's post if you missed that; still going on).
* -LaViere- Zoey/MutedOmbre hair (FLF buy but the multi color packs are very reasonable). Great hair and works (with some modding) for hats.
* Pure Poison bracelet from the group credit give away last week.

Poses by: Amacci