The Arcade - Let's Eat

Is it art? Well pretty close. I could easily hang this on my wall. And I just might!

From what I have seen it is going to be a fantastic time at The Arcade this round. So much goodness. NO trips to the coffee shop for many of you; gotta save those pennies and try your luck.

Out from {theosophy} , the Whoa Sweet Food Truck, Dude (yep, that is the official title). I definitely fell in love!   I even made a new street for the little guy, right next to the 22769 beer garden and the gym. Well you know those folks get hungry working out and competition is a GOOD thing *wink*.

Now not everyone has a place for the truck (three colors to be had), but if you don't I am sure you can find someone to take it off your hands.

In the meantime there are tons and tons of food items in various flavors and combos.

Tarts and waffles and fancy coffees (with bows no less) can be found at the I am guessing very popular gacha machine.

There are also some great restaurant supplies and I admit I took some over to the cafe to enhance the mood there.  Find napkin dispensers, syrup jugs and my favorite, a fork caddy.

Also in the fun food category we have breakfasts from around the world from Sway's. All look scrumptious and remember -- NO calories!  Each comes on a tray and reflects the style and palate favorites of the country it portrays. This is the one for the good old USA, blueberry pancakes and whipped cream with orange juice and coffee. Works for me.

One of the most fun trays in my mind is this coffee and cigarette duo which is themed as "somewhere". I have never smoked but I have had a few mornings in this theme :D. Fun.

Go forth. Enjoy!