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Marvelous Melon


Now I am going to be honest here. This post was scheduled for today and since it is definitely about color (complimentary orange and blue ya know), I am calling it my color meme post.

I can't really say I have a favorite color fashion wise. I mostly wear neutrals but some of my favorite things are bright colors; some sandals and boots from BAIASTICE come to mind as well as these not so new Blossom Sandals from lassitude & ennui. In fact I picked this color of jumpsuit so I could wear the sandals again. Another day it might be lime, yet a different afternoon -- who knows?

Posting early as the typist is awake at an unplanned hour.


The first of the month is here again and that means many venues are opening.  Four all stars make up this post.

* The Hastings Set from Cheeky Pea for FaMESHed is gorgeously textured. Not having a boaty seaside house at the moment, I plopped the collection down on the sand. And you know what? it still looks great. So many pieces it is difficult to choose a favorite. The couch comes in both A and PG versions, natch.

It is Wednesday as the typist pens these words. It has been a hellish SL day. If you were here and trying to do ANYTHING you know that. So while I supposedly have the landmark to the event (see above) I can end up in a shoe store, try and double click to the locale I can see on the map, end up in a skybox and then another spot. LOL. Sooooo. Hopefully you can get there. I have to admit that there are very VERY few dots for opening day and I can see why. /me shakes head.

Maybe tomorrow.

Along with homewares, there is this great jumpsuit from BAISATICE for FaMESHed. Now when I saw the word "jumpsuit" my heart skipped a little beat. I love them and lived in them in real life through at least one decade. The Sophia jumpsuit is quite impressive.

Firstly the wrinkles seem to be in the perfect spots leading to an extremely realistic garment with a definitely summer silky feel. The tiniest of tiny straps fit me perfectly, amazingly so as they are so very delicate. The belt is lovingly textured. Lots of colors. I picked orange so I could wear my Blossom Sandals from lassitude & ennui. Not new by any means but still very stylish.

The hair I am wearing is from MINA and out on a great deal for Chapter Four this month.  Try as I might I can't get THERE either or even get the landmark to copy. Oh my!  So you are all smart gals; here is where you want to go:  Compotista (175, 30, 3250). Got it? Good. By the time this posts things should be working again.

My poses are new from flowey. and very nicely done. I have a favorite of the bunch but I will have to show that later as it was in conflict with my large braids :D.   Making realistic poses is a difficult task. So some clapping here for a job well done.

Poses by: flowey.


Oh that shade of orange is so pretty and really compliments a lot of skin tones I think. I'm not a huge fan of orange but that light sherbet color (is that what it's called?) is very pretty and looks very spring too! Love the jumpsuit as well.

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