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Fantasy Faire

It is calmer tonight at Fantasy Faire. Things are rezzing well. I have shadows turned off, but since the swamp is dark and dreary as swamps SHOULD be, it matters not.

The place? Blackwater Glenn sponsored by The Looking Glass. The build is exceptional as you would suspect. The buildings don't seem to be for sale (or not yet), but the giant swamp tree is. It very much brings back memories of my time in New Toulouse Bayou. Pleasant remembrances.

My dress is the Fantasy Faire release from lassitude & ennui. Two colors of this are in the RFL vendors; many others are available.  Now I should let you know that the bright teal reflection IS a reflection (magical mushrooms ya know) and not part of the dress which is of course quite demure as steampunk frequently is. 

I picked gray (actually anthracite and silver) from the set because I had matching shoes. And then wouldn't you know it -- they didn't make it into the shot.  Browns and berries and blues and ivories are all in the release, so if you are a Steamy gal be sure and venture over and try on a demo. The  s/m fit me perfectly.

As I visited the various sims I watched as my gown turned colors; emerald, maroon, gold and everything in between. There is a preponderance of colored lighting in some of the sims. It was lovely to watch.

The most astounding event of the eve was running into (well almost being stepped on) by this avatar. Now this is NOT a Photoshopped photo. I had no idea that avatars could be this large.

* You can pick up some nice fantasy skins at the each sim's landing area.
* There is a paid hunt event happening ($250 for part one of the hunt; that's all my intel :D).

Hair by EMO-tions
Poses by: flowey


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