Chapter Four Birthday Bash

Lani has been looking pretty spiffy of late. Lots of wandering and many lovely free gifts to her credit. Today she found out that The Chapter Four is having a 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

Join the group and click on the present boxes. There are many to be had with some really lovely gifts -- even a few guy items and at least one decor piece. Her favorite is definitely this hat which is so very much HER. Who knew?  It is the *LODE* Headwear - Ooo gift. A strong runner up are the mesh eyes (both brown and black) from *(OO)*YUKI.

MANY presents await you in a very pretty locale that is fun to shop in. Go forth.

Hair from Alli&Ali -  Aloriana Hair Light Brown ($1) Marketplace
Pose by: A City Animations