Give Me Those New Features!

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I took today off from fashion and design blogging to play a bit. My three month old ocean vista is now a mega hotel that appears to be of the XX variety. So I am experimenting with sky living again -- or at least thinking on it. And along the way, I learned a few things, so I thought I would pass them on.

Many tens of thousands of us -- according to official sources -- are faced with a new viewer choice. Now some folks missed all the drama and aren't worrying about looking for a viewer to replace "E". But, should you be in the shopping around camp, there are some new features in the Imprudence viewer that you might want to know about. While I have lots of personal "oh my, someone finally did this" cries of joy as I discover some of the clever features -- Builders? This one is for you!

The newest release of Imprudence (version 1.4 Imprudence Experimental Release) includes one of those, "All RIGHT!"  new features, temporary texture uploads direct from your computer onto a prim. You can add and remove textures in the list and try them out speedily without waiting for the upload time or worrying about checking that "temporary" box each time your choose a new graphic.

Also new in this release is Tradable Windlight Settings; I haven't explored that feature yet, but I know several designers who include Windlight notes with their products. So, possibilities there.

Another feature that I love is the choice of INVISIBLE for a texture. No more hunting for "totallyclear" each time I want to make an invisible prim. Yeah! There are tons of great features in Imprudence including toggling on and off group chat with  no messages sneaking through -- so far anyway. Some of these new to me improvements are likely in other viewers out there including the official LL viewer. We all have to find what works best for us.

I am personally happy to say that while Version 1.3 release candidate (the newly introduced "stable" viewer) didn't work well for me at all, this 1.4 version seems great. I am sure I'll find something to report on in the forum, meanwhile -- I am just a happy gal working on a new homestead design.

See yesterday's post for style notes.

Pose by: LAP