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See Chic.
See Chic at Project Donate which runs for a few more days.
See Chic in her outfit of the day as a clever segue into today's post that began last eve.

See Chic understanding that you really don't want to see the same outfit as yesterday :D.

Here's the story.

Yesterday I featured a great new to me shop with a superb hunt gift. If you missed that post, it is here. Last eve Cory Edo, the owner of said great shop *wink* sent me her newest build, the Arbor Treehome. It was a lovely gesture and a fantastic gift. I of course went over to my flavor of the month sandbox and rezzed it. Currently available at Project Donate, it is definitely something to see. So I am going to give you a little tour.

The home sits on an optional 30 x 30 megaprim shadow. 241 prim costs include the shadow (1 prim) and tree (30 prims). It has lots of features including lockable doors and three window settings.  I, being a open home policy gal, didn't worry much about those.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

I did note that the built in fish tank with very realistic swimming fish and tiny bubbling aerators has color change gravel to coordinate with your decor. The fluorescent light has an on - off switch. It is currently on in my photo, hence the light bar above my head :D.

This is a medium sized home by SL standards, large by mine since I am usually on a prim budget. What impressed me most about this home -- aside from the scrumptious textures and detailing -- was the division of space.

The tree sits in the middle of the house, dividing what could be an overly large area into intimate spaces perfect for decorating. There are large outside decks for activities and lounging. Five choices of wallpapers are built in.

It is difficult for me to show you the feel of the space in photos, so if you think you might want to buy this home at Project Donate and would like to see it up close and personal, I would be happy to rez it on a private sandbox for you to see. Just catch me in world during the next three days.

Style Notes: 

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 4/bl) :: 01a
Accessories: KOSH- CHAMBER 13 BELT -RED-

Poses by: Amacci, LAP, Diesel Works

Addendum:  If you read this far, here is a bonus for you. I was looking through Cory's profile picks and found a whole shop of dollarbies!  It is hereI obviously didn't see everything yesterday! This is just one wall of the tiny shop.  Did you know about this Nissa?  LOL.

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    # by Nissa Nightfire - September 17, 2010 at 4:14 AM

    oh my gosh, NO! I missed it! But I'll be rushing over today ~ I've been re-decorating my spaces as well :) Thank you! The treehouse looks amazing as well. I love the idea of mixing nature into my actual living space ... and, for that matter, living without traditional house walls. Can't do that in my little RL corner of the world.