Things That Go Bump in the Night

In just a few hours the calender will flip a page and turn to October.  And I personally proclaim it Halloween season. Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead -- magical times for fun, reflection and remembrance; a time when the  dead can reach back through the veil that separates them from the living. A time for candy and laughter and smiling children.

While there will surely be an abundance of wonderful new themed accessories, the season is just beginning; hence some of my outfit is from years gone by. Newness consists of my clothing, the MHOH4 gift from Rfrye.and my hair  from Amacci. My witchy makeup a gift from Chandra on one of her brief sojourns inworld. I am not sure if this is a deviousMind group gift, something she is selling or simply a fun creative exercise. No matter, I love it and will certainly wear it often. My hat is actually one of the Witch Hunt artifacts that I attached to my now stylishly witchy head *wink*.

The levitating broom is an oldie from Little Heaven. The pose doesn't fit me all that well (Photoshop enabled here) but it flies wonderfully. Thanks to all the creators, past present and future, who make this season so memorable.

Let's have a great October!

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    # by Chandra - October 1, 2010 at 1:02 AM

    *laughs* I knew you'd put it to good use Chic :-D

    to answer the uncertainty, the makeup is going to be part of an upcoming halloween release, should be finished and at deviousMind during the weekend! It might have been a groupgift too though who knows ;-)