Moving In

I love moving into a new place. I have done my share of that in both lives this last decade or so. Finding the right spot for a treasured piece of furniture or family heirloom, resting after a long but good day.

I started with *Discomfort* Gypsy Curtains from Rhode Design - a hunt prize if I remember correctly. They of course didn't fit any window in any skybox I had *wink*. SO many sizes and shapes of windows. But luckily they are mod and while tricky as they open and close in three versions (so cool), I do have a few building skills so it wasn't a problem. They went perfectly with Max's Painted Dresser from Second Spaces. I so love that dresser.

Edit: As I look at this photo I think I will mod those curtains once again to shorter and fitting the window better. See, a picture IS worth at least a hundred words. Yep! Much better!

From there I made one end of the ::Modest House:: H&G Hunt Prize into a window wall with a stormy version of  The Next Day city street of the morning as the background. Rain sheets against the panes. I guess I really am getting ready for rainy Fall.

It is a 10 meter skybox, but it seems roomy with all these views. I added a great simple and neutral Andrew chair from Mudhoney which will likely find a mate by the time I am finished decorating. It is people sized and filled with great poses. What more can you ask for? I found a cute little round table in my inventory from Second Spaces that calmed down all the angles in the room and remembered (yep I did) a couple sets of pillows that work perfectly.

That's my progress for the day.

Thanks to all the furniture designers for their contributions to my inventory. Choices are a wonderful thing.