Walking the Rue

Now I don't often go out and about in this kind of garb *wink*, but I was lazy this morning. Actually, I was planning on changing from last night's pretty post outfit and detached my voluminous skirt. Woot! I am a vixen.  So with a what the hey attitude I headed over to Rue DAntibes. I had picked up a few items in the Red Seal Hunt items, but hadn't "done" the hunt.

Upon arrival I decided to stroll. The sun was just coming up and filtering through the streets. I am seldom in the default Windlight day, but this was lovely. So I strolled and perused the shops. I found some envelopes (one by accident when trying out a product) and generally had a great time.

This lead to a small epiphany. Why was I having such a good time?  A hunt has three drawing points for me. The goodies are obviously one, but beyond that there is the discovery of new places and the general enjoyment of the surroundings. Rue DAntibes is a long standing shopping sim with smallish shops by good designers. There was plenty to see as I strolled and it was a releif to be out of hunting mode. Find a poster, go in the shop, look for the white envelope with a red wax seal. Easy; pleasurable.

Don't worry; I have no intention of showing you all that I found. Many of you have done this hunt and most of you have seen posts with prizes. Still, I wanted to encourage those of you who have not ventured over to take a stroll. The crowds have died down and it is a pleasure.

My outfit of the morn is one of the $25 weekly specials from hO wEAr -- last week's to be exact. Those of you with some SL years listed in your profile probably remember a time when HeidiHo Huet gave away a free outfit a day. This was a long term event and a popular one but died in some part as the masses got a little too wild and a little too competitive and a little TOO nasty. Not everyone of course, but enough to ruin the mood.

Edit: I saw a new to me outfit from hO wEAr on the feed this morning so it seems there may be more than one or two outfits a week -- perhaps daily. So I will definitely need to look more often until I figure that out :D.

Nowadays Heidi puts out one or two $25 items a week on her giant board as you enter the shop. They generally fall into two groups -- costumes such as this and mini skirted clubwear. I favor the costumes and check in now and then to find a newish design that I can add to my collection.

I also wanted to give up thumbs up to my [Sassy Kitty Designs] Sassy High Heels from the Fashion Freaks 2 Hunt. I struck this pose and noticed that my shoes adjusted. Horray!  I have a shoe adjuster attachment, but honestly I seldom go to the trouble to add the hud and do the work to adjust. This was wonderful. So a big round of clapping from me. While the dress is cute, the shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. They seem to go with most anything.

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

See last night's post for any additional styling notes.