It's Fashion Week!

Modavia Fashion Week is about to start. With lots of newness, it is a must for fashionistas. Our virtual runway unveilings echo those of the New York fashion scene. For those of you not familiar with this reoccurring event, you can read about it here

This year I decided to really get into my role as media and made myself a very cute press pass. It is nice to have some building skills. Less than an hour of work and 10 lindens and I had a role play prop that is so appropriate for the occasion. With camera in hand and poses at the ready, I am off to enjoy the show.

The official audience SLURL is here.  Look for the green dots, walk into the building and up the steep stairs. You will be there. The sim is open to the public a bit before the first show at 1.

Here is the line up of events for the week:

September 9
11:30am - Media event (featuring highlights of the week's fashions - by invitation only)
1pm - Chantkare
2pm - Modern Gypsy
3pm - A la Folie
4pm - Son!a

September 10
1pm - Miamai
2pm - Anubis Style
3pm - Angel Dessous
4pm - Kunglers

September 11
12pm - Gabriel
1pm - CheerNo
2pm - Violator
3pm - SHIKI
4pm - Casa del Shai

September 12
12pm - LeeZu!
1pm - Niven Collection
2pm - Boudoir
3pm - Paper Couture
4pm - Ricielli

September 13
1pm - Bliss Couture
2pm - B! Fashion
3pm - Gems & Kisses
4pm - Emerging Designers Showcase (featuring the best of the new couture designers)

September 14
1pm - MEB
2pm - Ivalde/L'Abel
3pm - House of Fox
4pm - Indyra Originals

September 15
1pm - Dekade
2pm - Sonatta Morales
3pm - My Precious
4pm - Orage Creations

September 16
1pm - Gasqhe
2pm - Dojo
3pm - Eshi
4pm - Baiastice

This is the second Fashion Week produced by Modavia and, as in 2009, will be held in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week taking place in New York City at the same time. The event last year, set in Bryant Park SL, enjoyed record attendance and attracted an unprecedented level of media coverage.

See last night's post for styling credits.