Steam 3 - Day One - Part 2

I am SO impressed with this hunt. True, there are plenty of  gears missing their prizes and some craftily hidden ones -- and some I just didn't find.  But the quality of the gifts is so high. Without question -- and only judging from the 30 stops I did today (so maybe 22 prizes), this is the best STEAM hunt ever, one of the top hunts that I have ever been on, and by the time I get done it might make it to the top of the "Best Ever" list.

That is just me of course, you may not like all the gears and details, the fantasy and the machinery, but for me? It is superb. The list of great stuff is long with lots of variety and plenty of stuff for the guys and home items too. I have just picked out a few of my favorite items. There isn't going to be much pitching for me -- judging by what I have unpacked so far. Inventory control be damned.

First up it a backpack and earphone set from Belle Belle. Now the Fantasy store at Belle Belle is further down the line than I have traveled, but a notecard came my way with a picture and I couldn't resist jumping ahead a bit. The Aether Steampod comes with a very fancy resizer  and matching  headphones. There are so many parts and pieces (don't wear this to a crowded event guys :D ) that it takes 24.2 seconds to change to the size you prefer. I am wearing Large; the medium was a tad too small for me. There are plenty of sizes, so this should fit everyone.  Finding the gear was a snap for me. I knew the store well and knew just where it was from the hint. Actually I think it is the same place it was last Steam Hunt or maybe it was the time before *wink*. Anyway, as you might expect this is just so wonderful. I have older backpacks that I love, but this one is going to replace one or more of them. Ah, that's a good inventory control measure.

From tomboy to prim and proper lady, this bustled dress from *Rag Dollz* is the gals prize. A matching outfit for the gents is available. I hadn't been to Rag Dollz for awhile, but I remembered a fun store hunt I did there in the past. The outfit includes a hat with trailing veil.

If you are feeling like trying on a Victorian librarian look, these glasses from * Amaranthus * are perfect. The detail is stunning!

Last up is this great carriage from Leona Upshaw of  Twisted Metal SteamWorks. It will get you were you need to go by land or air with a simple chat command. It apparently has explosive effects. I haven't actually tried driving it yet (I am really a bad driver), but it gets tons of gold stars for the details and the cuteness.

Again, way too many fantastic prizes to show you, and my favorites may not be yours -- so get out and hunt. You have a month after all. I am guessing you can get all the stops in! 

Click on any photo for a high rez version. You may need to enlarge further with the zoom tool.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Maitreya Piper II - Autumn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Jade (tone 4/br) :: 03a
Clothing: *Rag Dollz* Regal

Accessories: *Amaranthus* Lacy: Rust: Steampunk Spectacles

Poses by: LAP,  Diesel Works