SL House and Garden New Home

Earlier today I let you know that the SL House and Garden group will be opening their new sim to the public on Friday.

Again, here is the official release.

I spent some time there this afternoon chatting briefly with the sim designer, pitsch Parx. Clean, bright, welcoming and peaceful;  the outside sim additions make it seem like the village goes on forever.

A giant atrium shelters a mini forest and landscaping supplies. Wide walkways lead from one home store to another.

Click collages once or twice for some really big photos :D.

My favorite discovered spot is the blogger hangout where you can gaze at the distant mountains and let your cares fall away. There are plenty of great shops to wander through, most names you will readily recognize. Some stores are large, some small. It is a friendly mix with something for everyone.

Be sure and stop by soon.