Padded Rooms

aDORKable Poses has a new prop out for Platinum Hunt 2, appropriately called My Padded Room. It comes with a collection of poses -- this being one. The poses are all named and the interface let's you know which pose you are currently using (TY!). To my mind though, the real star of the release is the prop itself. Along with being a clever idea and one I can pretty much guarantee will end up in a video sometimes soon (I have a great straight jacket ya know), it is  FANTASTIC with Windlight. This top shot is raw with no filters or retouching as I wanted you to see the natural shadows (without shadows on).

You can easily use the prop with other poses. My glazed state above seemed very fitting; it is from the new Stance II set from Long Awkward Pose. The collection features simple stands in a variety of degrees of "straightness", perfect for those prim skirts that are lovely but don't always wear easily. This shot is enhanced with some extra lighting filters.

And while I really can't do shadows well with my ATI card, I turned them on anyway to show you the effects that can be had. My fittingly dramatic heels with hot pink soles are a new release from NX-NardcotixBoom get's the credit for the striking one-piece, and my hair is an oldie from Garage  (now Koketka).