Metamorphosis - The Journey

I have been over at Metamorphosis the last couple of days working on a film. It is an impressive place, not new but an area I had never visited and was very happy to explore.  The film won't be viewable for a few days, but you can always see what's happen at my channel here.

Happily, I had some appropriate new duds to wear for this shoot, something arty (artists in my experience almost always wear black so not to clash with their paintings *wink*) and futuristic which fits right in with the theme of the installation by Igor BallyhooBlue Blood is the maker and Sigyn is the name attached to this bodysuit. It comes in this covered version as well as one with much more skin showing for you braver gals. You can opt for styles with single colors accents  or a rainbow mix  So many choices!

Edit:  video is now up at YouTube here.

Poses by: Vista Animations