Staying Power

It's old home week in my neck of the woods, and that ain't bad. Yesterday I chronicled Charlie and his new look compliments of Make Him Over 6 (as least I think that is the current number). Today Sami came into world happy to put on some old and familiar duds. I was so impressed with her look from long ago that I felt a post was in order.

Now and then we have designers who are ahead of their time, whose skill level is beyond the norm and whose work transcends the years. The outfit she is wearing is one from Last Call. For those of you new to the grid, this was a brand of a well respected and very early designer who died. There was a giant sale of his (her) goods; most everything was $100 linden including this signature outfit.

I managed to fight my way into that venue. I was very young and didn't exactly know "why" I wanted to be there, but it took days to get in so I figured that I really did want to expend the effort. I purchased a very cute outfit, but sculpties were new then and the prim parts were no mod. That didn't work for larger than average me and so I donated my outfit to a Relay For Life auction. Hopefully it moved into better hands.

The point I guess that I am trying to make is that sometimes we get caught up in Quantity and not Quality. Quality lasts for a very long time. I asked Sami to look up the date on her outfit and she acquired it January 13 2008. Just think how long ago that was ------

Her hair is also old, a flavor of the month from times past  (acquired Mar 2009) and amazingly still available at Shop Seu. I have a hair from there that I still wear now and then :D.

Those are just my thoughts of the eve.