Just a quick post to let you know that LISP has expanded it $10 and under garden to include all sorts of comfy furnishings. I already had many items from the old garden but added a very fun photographer's lamp -- a great prop that I couldn't resist. Those of you who do not need to stick to an early 1900s Louisiana poor folk theme will find LOTS of decor items and furniture to choose from. It is a little tricky finding the new garden so here is the direct SLURL

My outfit isn't new, just one of my favorite of all time Fall to Winter get ups. Even though the summer seems to have sped by, I have to admit that Fall is in the air.  I believe this great jacket, once a hunt prize, is still available at a very low price at Runo Runo.  Yep, I just checked and it is!

That's my evening news!

Poses by: Vista Animations