Hurricane Bernadette

I am not really "back". Actually I am enjoying my time off more than I expected to *wink*. BUT, there is big, big news for those of you who are more adventurers than shoppers and I wanted to let you know.

Tomorrow a hurricane (yes, you read that correctly) will hit the New Toulouse sims. I will be there participating and filming. My biggest worry is getting my new sheep (free on a lucky board at Stray Pig) to safety. I have both black and white faced sheep now. Animated, they do not require special food and are happy to drink from the nearby waters of the bayou. We have bonded.

I built a boat last month after hearing the news that a hurricane might be eminent. I have remodeled the original version a bit to make room for the sheep. I feel they will be safest in the hold of the boat. Only time will tell.

You can read all about the hurricane here.

Venture over if you are in need of some excitement.