New Outfit? Not!

OK. So I have been in the same outfit all week. That's what happens when you are fighting a hurricane and trying to protect your sheep! The waters are abating and we are all safe. It has been an adventure for sure and one I would not enjoy had it been corporeal rather than virtual. I filmed away and have a documentary of sorts that will be finished soon.

Meanwhile I ventured over to a fun event, the Summer Festival at  minaHeavens Island. While my attire does not match the mood, I still had a great time.  There are lots of inventive Japanese items here, things you don't see all that often.

The carnival theme is evident and color abounds. There are lucky boards and  gatchas as well as a magic goldfish pond "dip" where you can get five prizes and then need to wait five minutes to try five more times.

Some items are copy, some transfer and some come in both versions. So you can share with friends.

Definitely a breath of fresh air after all the lightening and watery turmoil of the last couple of days, it reminded me how much I miss Beanie Canning's Beanie Loves Japan posts :D.

I have a small collection of prizes in my inventory along with a large collection of new release designer items that will be making it onto these pages in the not too distant future.

I am enjoying my time away from regular posting and as often comes with a bit of retrospection, have decided to make a change or two in my posts. Nothing very major; don't worry. The photos as always will be the stars.

See you soon.