I have a fair number of oldtimer friends, ones that I know in the corporeal world, that used to have "lives" in SL and that seldom log in any longer. I have noted that like many of the older folks in that place we call real life, these elders often get in a rut. They no longer shop or update their looks and who can blame them really if they don't venture in  often? Still, for those of you out there still wearing your favorites from 2009? It might be time to do a little shopping.

My old friend Charlie came into world this afternoon -- primarily because I let him know that a new Belleza gift skin was out and that he should check that out :D.  Charles is a sweetie, a now retired artist who at one time was fairly famous and now lives in obscurity, most likely by choice. Still, even for those who only venture into our fantasyland every week or so, it is good to look sharp. So he did a little "shopping" on the current Make Him Over hunt, hitting his favorite well-remembered retailers for the most part.

I have to say he did well! I haven't seen him look this good in awhile *wink*. The new Belleza skin fits him much better than it does my male counterpart, Chav. It is appropriate for his scholarly, artistic type.

The MHOH SLURS are here

FREEBIE:  I don't have much of a shop any longer. I mostly sell on the Marketplace, but now and then I like to share. Yesterday I played around with the webpage on a prim feature. Nothing new, but for many of us formerly in old style viewers, not too useful. Now, most of us it seem to be moving onto viewers that support mesh -- just in case it actually takes off *smile*.

Happily by the end of my building period, I ended up with a nice You Tube interface for my personal channel. It works well and is sized to eliminate all that advertising *wink*. So for any of you who would like your own, drop by my studio and pick up a copy for free.

Believe it or not, I am not egotistical enough to think you would want one to watch "MY" channel. I left it mod so you could change it to any You Tube channel you like -- even your own. I suspect it would work fine for a Flickr channel also. Some adjustments might be necessary.

You can pick it up here.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Uw.St  Reed-Hair   size-L  brown (old)
Skin: -Belleza- Jacob SK Group Gift
Clothing: Roughnecks - Jeans - Unzipped Black (MHOH); n-creation shirt mhoh (MHOH)

Accessories: Kumaki Glasses Style  K_gs Stomp/MHOH6 version (MHOH); *Muism* Chronotech G5_Navy (MHOH)

Poses by: LAP