August; the Dog Days of Summer for many of us.  In my little corner of the world it is just starting to feel like summer, but for some of you the sweltering days most likely feel like they will never end. And then there are the folks who need sweaters!  And that is me this morning. I was checking out some of the Make Him Over stops last eve and found a Midnight Board just about full at Poison. Now I am the happy owner of some Tartan jeans. Two styles are in the pack; one VERY low.

My newly released necklace set hales from BeautyCode and includes flower earrings.

I went out this morning on a production jaunt, scouting locales for a new project. I was in a sort of 30s mood, and not 2130 either. So I added this vintage -- in many terms of the word -- topper hat with hair from POSH.

My pose is one from a new release set at aDORKable Poses, Rug Burn II. I was so happy to receive the set as part of my year long Hair Fair gift pack *wink*. While I can count over a thousand poses in my inventory, I have very FEW kneeling poses. Sometimes that is just what you need.

As an aside, just cause I am feeling chatty today, MESH is hitting the grid. By the end of the week all sims should be able to use mesh, seeing it of course requires a viewer with capabilities in that area. I noted a announcement at the Marketplace this morning about mesh sales and integrating mesh objects into the listings. That lead to a tutorial a "Payment Info On File" or better person needs to take in order to upload mesh content. While I have no plans to ever upload mesh -- heck, I never even made a sculpty -- I took the test out of curiosity. It was somewhat enlightening. Like many moves by The Labs, it seems aimed at covering their position -- legal wise. It may help. It may not. Still, you might want to take the test yourself. Don't worry, you really can't fail :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: (Posh) - Mya Makes Bank - Chocolate
Clothing: Poison Grey tartan jeans_normal (lucky board); PARADISIS Cold Kiss : Sweater top red

Accessories: BC grey Rose Necklace

Poses by: Diesel Works, aDORKable Poses