High Seas Morning

New robes are out at Dutchies! What a surprise:D.  And these just aren't any robes, they are sculpted and WITH AN AO which works extremely well! Black, white, salmon and red (shown here) versions come with or without resize scripts. The collar comes for small breasted gals like me and those of you more ample.

My Summer Adventure Camping  Drinks Cooler is a prize from Aphrodite Shop on The Wild One, a Grid-Wide Biker Hunt from August 1 - 15th, 2011.

Click the Drinks to pick your choice of beverage.
Click the coolers body to get a colorchange menue for 4 color-options.

The Colorchange can usually be initiated by the owner (level 2) but the owner can allow others (level 0)

And just how did I end up on a yacht in the early morning hours?

Well my standby sandbox was offline and the other Linden Lab ones under siege, so I ventured over to a school sandbox which had apparently just given back its sim and moved to a small mainland plot (sad).

As I was unpacking my new Arabian photo stage (more on that soon), I noticed this VERY large yacht floating at about 50 meters. Not to let a good photo op go to waste -- well that's the story. The yacht is made by Chandon Dollinger.  Picks have been missing often the last couple of days, but I assume he has a store that you can find if you are in the market. It is an impressive (and BIG) yacht.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Luna
Clothing: Dutchie red bathrobe

Poses by: the bathrobe's AO