In Search of Ourselves

Too many thoughts are competing for their voice as I type.

Attired in a mix of new and old I had a vision in my head, where I wanted to go. A slightly seedy Mexican cantina on the beach. Sand floors, not terribly cold beer. Warm breezes, the laughter and conversation of voices in languages other than my own.

Memories are powerful things. They can remind us of where we have been and hint as to where we might be going. Is the bar I seek still there? Is there a counterpart in our virtual world? Perhaps, but tonight was not the night to find it. I came close, but it is a bit too pretty here. No street vendors; no garbage.

My hair is Discord Designs Ohna, my Hair Fair prize choice. In truth I was given an enormously generous prize, but since I have received an abundance of review copies of late, it seemed a bit wrong somehow to ask for the whole store. This style, though, I fell in love with. It is mesh and moves naturally with the body. It also is made for gals with less than huge breast so it doesn't stick out a foot in front of flat chested me *wink*. All this works. I feel quite beautiful in the warm night air on the edge of an almost too perfect fishing village.

The other newness in my outfit are these cropped mesh pants from MONS, the Summer Love Collection Summer Leggings. Both comfortable and stylish, they make a quiet statement, even in red. I added some old and no longer available tanks and the current freebie sandals from sf design. If you didn't get them the first time I told you about them, better get over there before they disappear. 

Poses by: Diesel Works