Exploring Cultures

Exploring. It can be dangerous in the real world and expensive. Seeing new places takes time, energy and money. But in our virtual land we can learn and enjoy other cultures easily. This morning's post is brought to you by *MiuMin* and BoatHouse. The theme is the Orient.

My Mini Yukata Hana and Getas are two separate prizes from *Miumin* on the The Rebel's Playground Hunt (tricycle). I came away with the sandals and stockings, but returned for the dress; so cute. This really lovely outdoor loft bed comes complete with stools and is the prize on the Summer Garden Party Hunt. Find the chocolate ice cream on a stick (very easy) at BoatHouse.

The bed up top includes cuddle animations via a menu. A ladder in back adds authenticity. You can purchase the lanterns at an almost free price. They are only six prims for the string and each can be turned on an off. The stools have various poses and the fabric walls sway in the breeze.

Another optional accessory is this tea set (only partially linked) and table.

A feminine outdoor area is July's VIP group gift (fee).

Whatever your mood or style, enjoy the summer.

Poses by: Diesel Works