Vintage Fair 2012 - Preview dM

What's a gal to do in a small town with no viable men, only moonlight as her companion?

She can dance!

"Miss Betty" PinUp hastens back to almost forgotten decades, a time when ladies were more or less ladies *wink* and this dress from deviousMind would have been considered quite risque.

Chandra has been working on this for a very long time. She gets extra gold stars from me; she actually created it all from scratch. I know as I saw the prototype when she came to see my new office! I am glad we have creators that enjoy making items we can love. I would rather just take the pretty pictures!

Miss Betty is one of the new releases from deviousMind for the Vintage Fair opening in a few days. It comes in many prints, each with a variety of patterned linings and trims. So a wardrobe of dresses in one pack. A "M" fits me perfectly, complete with padded bra look (I have no idea if they had those then, but gals have always had stocking to enhance their cleavage *wink*. The trim is just lovely and there is stitching around the bra cups. Several alpha layers are included; (you can thank me for passing along that request).

The hair flower is part of the set.

See you at the Fair!

Poses by: LAP (nla) and BehaviorBody