Going Punk

This is Bouncer, one of the new releases for Hair Fair from Discord Designs.  It sits on a shaved head base called Ripley. This is not my personal look, but it might be yours -- and if so, Bouncer is impressive. Tiny little hairs stand straight up (lots of product used undoubtedly) and shimmer. This is not a good girl.

Bad girls like to play of course. This new couple's pose from Diesel Works called Summer Fling is available at Hope for Emilia.

ROTTEN DEFIANCE is also at Hope for Emilia, but you will need to stop by the main shop to pick up my outfit of two hunt items. The shirt, collar and jeans are part of the set from the Punk My World Hunt (dollarbie) and the tattoo is from the Tattoo and Makeup Hunt. While you are there searching for these items, you have the option of looking for skulls in a store hunt. It should be noted that I am wearing the male jeans in this Punked set; the ones for gals are even lower!

Wonder has new hair too, a reward of sorts for logging in when I need him for couple shots *wink*. It is Lotta, also from Discord Designs.

Poses by: Diesel Works and LAP (nla)