Reality Check

How real is our virtual world? I am sure the philosophers could spend weeks or years discussing that topic. But virtual has taken a step closer to "reality" with the advent of mesh. It took us awhile; the first mesh items weren't all that awe inspiring. Still, I had faith we would get there.

This is a new release mini from erratic called lindsay. It spans the gap between high fashion and casual. And yes, you can have both; lindsay proves that.

But what is most impressive -- to me at least -- is the texturing. Seams that you feel you could run your fingers across, wrinkles that are completely believable; and then there is the zipper with each and every tooth exactly where it should be. It is simply amazing.

I am not the easiest person to fit in mesh; plenty of garments just won't work for me. But oddly enough both the S and the M (I am usually somewhere in between the two) worked just fine. There are several alpha layers to choose from. The first one was perfect for me, but I definitely understand the need for variations in our invisibleness; that is often my issue with mesh. I honestly can't say enough good things about this dress. I am completely impressed.

So you know the drill. Try on the demo and keep your fingers crossed that you are a match made in heaven!

My location for this shoot was Bryn Oh's newest installation, Virginia Alone.

My hair, perfect for this outfit, is a Hair Fair gift that I somehow forgot to show you (oh my!). Find it at Leverocci. Tons of colors are included.

Poses by: LAP (nla)