Hot Hunt Items

It is a new month with hunts starting fresh as some continue. As you might expect, it is a bit iffy out there so waiting a day or two for the kinks to smooth out is probably the best plan. Still, I so wanted to see this skin from Tableau Vivant on the FEMBOY hunt, I zipped right over. It is a beauty and does a great job of spanning the sexes. Also good as a kid's skin I suspect.

Next day note: for anyone reading this a day or so later, the hunt object that was active no longer is. There are tons of decoys which is the store's choice but MANY are placed right on top of vendors. The black hunt items are on top of black vendor photos and are VERY hard to see (wireframe works :D) and it is VERY easy to click the vendor by mistake and buy something for $450 that you most likely didn't really want :D. So proceed with GREAT care.  This from when my alt went over. So wanted to let you know. Sorry.

The body is fairly plain and hairless and genderless for the most part. The face is superb. This photo is completely unretouched.

This is the same shop with the dusky fantasy androgynous group skin I have shown you a few times last week. This is a $2 hunt item.   I am wearing prim eyelashes; just too girlie to go without.

Here is the same skin on the just out today men's shape from $10 Shapes. There are three hunts going on at the shop now, two for guys, one for gals and a unisex item. You can find the new Adrian shape on the Marketplace as well.

The Sinister Steam Hunt 2 has begun and this outfit from LnL Square is one of the prizes to look for. There are plenty of hunts going on at LnL and you will likely find some other hunt objects on the road to this one. You are looking for a silver hand-held watch. The set includes resizable jacket skirt and two sizes of collars; hence a unisex set.

Boots by lassitude & ennui (I so love these!). Blindfold not included in the set and no longer available. 

And if you are in need of some furnishings, you can pick up this set on the SSH2 as well. Photo, credenza and rug are all one prim. The vase and flowers are 2. Find them at my shop, ChiC buildings.

Poses by: LAP (nla)