Surprising Summer

We are heading into the last week of July which has been both great and a blur. So much going on, it is difficult to keep track. Summer is traditionally slow in our virtual world and indeed August may be, but I am not seeing the laziness yet :D.

There are plenty of great things to look forward to next month including the Vintage Fair which definitely looks like a winner. There are some good looking hunts coming up soon too.

And speaking of hunts ---- it's been under wraps unless you are a super sleuth and perused my profile, but I have organized a hunt coming up mid August. No, we don't need yet another hunt. I agree on that. But we can always use a stellar one. I got some of my favorite shops together for a small but fairly elite event, the If I Were Rich Hunt. I am VERY happy with the store list. This is definitely a hunt I would go on *wink*.

I asked myself what MY perfect hunt would be, as a hunter, blogger and retailer. Happily some folks were on the same wavelength and voila! This will be a web-based hunt with SLURLs on the blog. No numbers, no groups, no huds; you will always be able to go to the next stop at your convenience. You can pick up a list of LM once the hunt begins. The prizes will be priced from $0 to $5 (merchant's choice) and NO visible decoys (I so hate those).

On a personal note, I was proud of myself for not succumbing to that "we must have fifty stops" mentality. Less is more in my book.

I will keep you apprised of course as the time draws near.

Poses by: the furniture