Food and Fun

Still in my Vintage Fair new release from deviousMind (see previous post for details) I spent the morning at Le Bistro, an interactive food establishment. So much to see and so very much to play with *wink*. You can't help but love this kitchen and dining set. Not only are the textures superb and the food realistic, even the gas burners light. If you love to cook and entertain -- and show off a bit, this is a shop to visit!

Along with the more fun domestic activities are the chores like sweeping and mopping.  Stains and bucket appear when you choose the animation and happily disappear when you "stand".

A wide variety of poses are included with adjustments. A few clicks on props has you making breakfast from scratch and serving it to your guest.

The kitchen weighs in at 161 prims and includes more than 80 poses.

After you've finished playing be sure an pick up your free placemats and eating utensils. Just click the vendor over by the entrance and choose Deliver. 

There are plenty of other food themed interactive areas -- a fast food bistro for example.

The detailing on the food is high quality!

Pose by: Diesel Works and the props