COLLABOR88 for July

I just came back from a trip over to COLLABOR88 which was fun as always.  With tons of folks trying on mesh garments, hair and the like, there was a party atmosphere. Since I took my camera along as always, I thought I would show you my favorites -- just as a teaser, like this hot tub with fishing poles. You will have to go over to get all the details. And see posts from the today and yesterday for up close and personal looks at the housing and furniture.

So very inventive, this wall clock is only 5 prims.

I just love these. If I only had an excuse to buy them *wink*.

This is a demo of some very pretty hair. It comes as rigged mesh or not and there is another version with hair over one eye in a sultry teasing manner.

Since I will be getting a prize pack of hair from the Hair Fair Photo Contest, no point in buying right now, but I will remember this. Up for most of a month as always.

This is the demo and I "airbrushed" out the intrusive white and black demo areas so you could see it better. Get over to CALLABOR88 and try it out for yourself. All demos that I tried were free.

Poses by: Diesel Works