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Yes, there is indeed free stuff and even a bit of fashion in this post.  Just scroll down if you are in a hurry.

The Universe seems to be pushing me in a direction of late. I guess that "me" is inclusive, both Chic and her typist, as we have been joined at the hip so long we often overlap in intent and feelings. I am sure many of you understand this. The problem is that I am not sure just where it is pushing me.

June was a great month and this summer seems to be busier (for me anyway) than past ones. The Hair Fair contest is under wraps. I don't know if I'll make the top ten; I never have before *wink*, but I had lots of fun and most of the photos were for my blog anyway.

The University of Western Australia machinima contest closes in a couple of days. I amazingly entered four videos. So I was thinking it would be embarrassing if I didn't win SOME sort of tiny prize. Then I decided it really didn't matter as I so thoroughly enjoyed the process, learning plenty in the making of the films.

The UWA 3D Art Challenge closes at the same time. That, I don't need to think about. I had no chance of a prize; just being supportive.

So where to go? What to do? I simply LOVE my new patio pool but the water so the home thing is worked out for awhile. Cross one thing off my list. Time will tell I guess.

Lots of new hunts have started. I can't see any clear star at the moment, but there are always jewels in the mix. After I tried to do the Sinister Steam Hunt (happily the blog has been updated with all the MIA folks listed so it is most likely safe to venture out if you so choose), I switched around to other new hunts and found this fan-tas-tic coffee house computer terminal set. Think Starbucks in the city. While I consider it a prop for films someday, you could easily add it to your home or shop. The details are very nice. Find it at SWF Industries on the It's Your Cuppa Hunt.

Now I wasn't DOING the Cuppa Hunt, I found the coffee cup hunt object while looking for another hunt object. But you know how that goes; some things just stick out and say "Hey, I may be a hunt vendor!". So I clicked to find it a dollar item. I don't usually pay for hunt items if I don't know what's inside, but happily this had the contents listed and they sounded like a plethora of props I could add to my stash.

I was not disappointed. Everything you see including table and chair and backpack and all the goodies on the table are in the prize pack. So this wins my hunt prize of the day award!

Go forth and get some coffee!

My outfit is very old, special event and group gift items. Earrings from my old shop (always good to keep things). Shoes are from lassitued & ennui and newish (yeah).

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Unknown said…
Thanks for the great write up, I'm glad you liked the items!

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