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Four Walls

A quick late night post to show you my picks on the Four Walls Hunt. I have been impressed with this hunt from the beginning. It even has a super appropriate and cute hunt object *wink*. Add a lot of stores that I like and pictures of the prizes and I am a happy gal. Both Thistle (the loveseat - mod/copy) and PILOT (pipe shelf) had very easy to find white boxes. Organica's (the collection of work lights) was trickier.

This is a $10 per item hunt and I am thrilled with my purchases. The loveseat has both single and couple animations. The original wood was green but I changed the tint to be a taupe color. It is perfect for my Bayou shack, almost completely dressed over at Peaceful Valley, LEA20. I have been having a time finding the right furniture for the theme and this is definitely it. I was so happy to visit the blog and see this new photo at the top of the page.

I do have a caveat on the PILOT pipe shelf. It has a huge invisible prim as part of the no mod build so you will need to put it on a long wall. If the big prim is in the hall as it is in this Fab Free Skybox from Trinket (first stop on the FFH), you will not be able to walk through the passageway :D. That's really OK with me as it is so very nice. I will build something appropriate. Later note: After a comment from a reader I tried again to turn the shelf to phantom, and this time it worked. Yeah!

There are plenty of lovely items on this hunt so look over the photos and pick your favorites.

Poses by: Vista Animations and furniture


Anonymous said…
About the PILOT pipe shelf, the one I have was sticking out in to a hall way and a door, so I just made the object phantom and problem solved. The version I got on the hunt was mod so check yours.
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. I did try that last night as that seemed the logical thing to do :D but it wouldn't let me turn to phantom. But this morning, just now I got an option to check phantom so it just must have been SL being persnickety. Thanks for the comment.

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